Our Casinos Rating

Establishment of online rating of casinos is important because all casinos don’t enjoy equal popularity across regions and countries of the world. Players’ choice and drawn list of top internationally acclaimed online casino sites, form the basis of our rating. The online status and repute of casinos are duly taken into consideration.

Status of casinos

  • Scrutiny: Checking and monitoring the operation of any casino and exclusion of those that are blacklisted.
  • Popularity: The reputation of the casino in the USA and the rate of patronage is measured (also considered is the frequency of search for these sites online).
  • License: Casino license checks are carried out. Also, the producer’s licenses for slot machines are checked.

Regional factors

  • The acceptance of the casino of players from the USA.
  • The existence of language variety on the website.
  • The familiar payment system and currencies in the USA.

Rating based on other reviews

  • This is executed by esteemed reviewers who we deploy to monitor over 100 first-rate online casinos rankings and additional benefits (The Pogg, Askgambler, Casino Guru, LCB etc.). The monitoring group includes a large team of employees and professionals. The quality standard and excellent judgement they possess in the business of gaming makes their opinions highly rated and trusted.